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Modular Homes

Modular Homes, Annapolis, MD

Modular houses have been available for purchase since the 1960s, but they have only lately become a popular option for homebuyers. Modular houses are a growing option for today's homebuyers because of their low cost and quick completion time, both of which result from the housing market's scarcity. At Doug Pruett Construction Company, Inc., we are a leading custom home builder offering high-quality, affordable modular homes to clients in and around Annapolis, Maryland.

Are Mobile Homes and Modular Homes the Same?

There is still some ambiguity about what a "modular home" is and whether it's the same as a mobile home. Mobile and modular homes are two very distinct types of housing that are sometimes confused with one another. Mobile houses are constructed entirely in a factory, moved to their final location, and then set down on the ground.

In comparison, 80% of a modular home's structure is built in a factory setting. It is then transported to the construction site, where our skilled modular home builders will assemble it on a solid foundation. Once we assemble the modules on the building's base, we add finishing touches on-site.

The modules may be arranged in many formats and styles, from side-by-side to end-to-end, and stacked. When compared to a site-built stick home, modular construction meets or exceeds all applicable codes and regulations.

Benefits of Modular Vs Custom-Built Homes

It's only reasonable to ask whether a modular house can compete with a custom-made one in terms of quality, durability, and longevity. Consider the following advantages of modular construction over conventional home building methods:

  • High-Quality - The building procedure for a modular house is almost identical to that of a site-built home. In contrast, modular houses are constructed in a controlled industrial environment. We then deliver the sections to the building site, where our local contractors put them together like a traditional house. As mentioned earlier, these homes are built with the same standards as traditional houses, using the same materials.

  • Speed of Construction - Build time for a modular home is approximately one-third that of a traditionally constructed house. Foundation and utility construction may continue on the site while units are being constructed in the factory, allowing the project to go forward with the manufacturer.

  • Energy-Efficient - Modular homes are 50% more energy-efficient than existing model energy codes.

  • Environmentally Friendly - Modular houses are "green" because of their high-quality insulation and energy-efficient appliances and lights. Modular construction has less waste since it is built in a factory.

  • Ability To Withstand Extreme Weather - Modular homes must meet federal safety criteria for design, building, strength, endurance, fire resistance, cooling, plumbing, air-conditioning, roof weight, wind resistance, thermal resistance, and more. These aspects help them withstand extreme weather.

  • Customizable - Pick and choose from a wide range of layouts and house types to suit your specific needs. Thanks to advancements in home technology, they may also be customized. Manufacturers adapt the manufacturing process to include smart home automation. These enhancements provide remote access to your home's security system, lights, and door locks.

  • Detailing - Quality brand-name materials, cutting-edge fittings, moldings, and finishes, and the hands of trained craftsmen guarantee that your home will look and function just as you envisioned.

  • 10-Year Structural Warranty - Each modular home we build is covered with a 10-year structural warranty.

As you can see, a modular home is on par with or surpasses a stick-built custom home in many ways. When you work with an established and well-recognized company like ours, you can be sure that your modular home will be exceptional in every way.

Superior Modular Homes Built to Last

If you are considering getting a modular home, you need to be sure you are getting a superior product. You will want your home to last long, be stable and serve your family's needs. That is what you get when you choose a modular home from our company.

We recognize that a home represents a significant investment, and we work with you to determine which floor plan and house model works best for you. Our company ensures the highest customer service and personalization levels while ensuring that your new home aligns with your preferences and budget. With all the features, details, and additions you need, your home will have all the functionality and aesthetics of a custom-built home.

For more information or to get started on your modular home project, please call Doug Pruett Construction Company, Inc. at 410-224-4057. If you prefer to email us, please use this Online Form, and we will contact you soon to answer your queries.

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