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At Doug Pruett Construction Company, In., we provide our clients with top-notch solutions every single time. We offer a range of services covering minor renovation works and large-scale remodeling jobs. As a company with vast industry experience, we have the expertise and knowledge to provide our clients with the best solutions. We have an in-depth understanding of modern construction techniques and trends and recognize the importance of maintaining original structures. Therefore, when renovating and remodeling homes, we style new features to complement existing ones. Our designers never deviate from the path of offering only the best services to our clients, so they get value for money every time they hire us. We prioritize customization and create the most delightful experience for our clients, offering these services:


Sunrooms and decks are excellent home renovation projects. These new features will provide additional opportunities for leisure and relaxation without incurring high costs. Additionally, they're enjoyable, unique, and genuinely offer a peaceful space for leisure. Best of all, these improvements will raise the market value of your property. However, we doubt you'll ever resell your house once you've enjoyed the benefits of the sunny, breezy rooms we'll build for you. Sturdy wood is often used in deck construction, adding character to the back or front of your property. These are generally used to direct visitors to other areas in a yard, such as a pool or garden. Screened porches allow you to enjoy the scenery even when the weather isn’t great. We can help create the best outdoor living areas on your property. The decks, sunrooms, and screened porches that we design and build for you will blend in very well with your home's structure, enhancing its appeal and value. Read More About Decks, Sunrooms & Screened Porches >>


Anne Arundel County has a significant number of properties in low-lying areas subject to flooding or houses sitting on very low crawl spaces that could benefit from being raised to a higher elevation. We have experience with elevating a house, then lowering it back down to a new level with a new foundation, then remodeling the whole house.
Is your remodel going to cost more than rebuilding? We will raze and rebuild. A total rebuild is sometimes more efficient and less costly than a remodel. Read More About Raise or Raze >>


Every homemaker's dream is to have a well-organized kitchen. As is well known, your kitchen is the beating heart of your home. We can design a kitchen in various ways, including L-shape, iland, galley, U-shaped, or single line, based on the scale and requirements of your space. Additionally, we can remodel or customize existing kitchens. Our designers can maximize the space in small kitchens by incorporating a dining area or a mini-bar. We can change a plain rural kitchen into a magnificent dining and work area with great views of the surroundings. Additionally, we polish and seal up your countertops to restore their luster. With custom kitchens, you get to select the materials for your kitchen, from natural stones like granite and marble to hardwoods such as cedarwood and ipe. Because we are local to your area, you can contact us at any time for repair work or maintenance of your kitchen's many fixtures and amenities. Read More About Kitchens >>


Like any other room in the house, bathrooms deserve to be attractive. While they must be pleasing, they must also be functional for the homeowner and their family. If you're looking to improve the aesthetics of your bathroom, you'll want to work with a business that has extensive experience and can deliver what you need and desire for the space. We are skilled at creating or enhancing bathrooms to perfection. Whether your project requires constructing a new structure or modifying or refurbishing an existing area, we can certainly build it for you. The art of bathroom design is to understand the homeowner's specific demands and preferences, and that’s what we focus on. The information is valuable in determining the appropriate design, layout, and other features required to make the site as functional as possible. Whether your improvement project is complex or straightforward, we can help. Read More About Bathrooms >>


Our custom builder skills, extensive structural experience and 30+ years of successful multiple remodeling projects enable us to provide unique solutions for aesthetically and functionally challenging projects as well as basic residential or commercial renovations and remodeling. Each project receives the utmost attention to detail and contractor-to-client communications and cooperation. We will work with you from design to completion.


We approach your building problems with a positive professional energy and arrive at options for the most challenging remodeling project, historic renovation, retrofitting and structural dilemmas. We work with you to achieve cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions.


As expert craftsmen, we always enjoy the chance to showcase our carpentry skills to personalize your space and help you realize your dreams. Meticulous workmanship and superior design skills combine beauty and function to achieve remarkable results.


We have extensive experience in all phases of remodeling to help you realize your dreams.

We are here to help no matter how big or small your renovation or remodeling requirements are. Our company is known for its high quality, customized solutions, and outstanding customer service. We work closely with our clients to understand their ideas before coming up with suggestions and recommendations. For information regarding our services, please call Doug Pruett Construction Company, Inc. at 410-224-4057. You can also send us your requests and queries via this Contact Us form, and we will revert within a short while. When you hire us, you know that you are hiring the best in the industry. What sets us apart from other local operators is that we match our high quality with cost-effective pricing, which provides you value for money. Our team is knowledgeable and proactive, working with you to ensure that you get the types of installations and features that you need within your budget.

We provide extra care and consideration of your day-to-day living and/or work schedule and priorities while your home or business is under construction. We provide professional consultation on each project, making recommendations for your rehab plans based on our extensive knowledge and experience in structural and design components. Project timelines and budgets are reliably maintained and on schedule.

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